CCTyre Switches to TyreOps

Ipswich based Tyre Service & Management Company CCTyres switches to TyreOps


“It’s more advance than anything we’ve seen in the market” CCTyres switches to TyreOps


CCTyres officially switched their operations to TyreOps today, giving them the ability to expand their range of services, provide greater insights to optimise fleet performance, and increasing revenue streams whilst significantly reducing office and admin costs.


Utilising all modules of the TyreOps system, CCTyres have seen a vast improvement in job processing, inspection capture rates, stock control and accountancy resulting in cost reductions and improvement in revenue levels.


“Our great service just got greater by giving our fleet customers what they’ve been asking for years” said Tom Smythe, manager at CCTyres. “Web and app access to their fleets and vehicles, pictures and file attachments, a customer dashboard for live fleet performance review, and access to jobs, inspections and customer owned tyres. Everything they’ve asked for they now have.”


On the tyre management side, CCTyres is ecstatic over the Tyre Network feature which allows them to assign customer fleets and locations to other Tyre Service Providers across the UK and have data synchronise across both companies.


“We’ve virtually got rid of double entry. All CCTyres related jobs, inspections and stock entered by a service provider within our network automatically syncs across their system and ours so we never really do much double entry anymore. Even if they’re using pen and paper to manage, the system prefills all data from previous work and inspections, and the process is as simple as it’s ever been. My staff now has more time available to dedicate to other areas of the business and everyone is happier with the reduced admin.”


As TyreOps continue to push innovation in the Tyre Industry, we hope to continue connecting with fitters, inspectors, admin, directors and others in the sector who are after or wish to contribute to the next evolution of tyre servicing, management and wholesale technology. By removing the need for multiple systems while connecting TyreOps users and third party systems (including Tyre Manufacturer systems), we can make an impact on tyre businesses by releasing employee time for better customer services, providing accurate data to guide management decisions and reveal new business opportunities, and improving environmental sustainability.

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