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Switching to TyreOps is quick and easy, and we’re here to help you with the process. You can easily transfer your data from your current system(s) to TyreOps, so you can pick up exactly where you left off.

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Switch to TyreOps in 3 easy steps


Step 1.

Sign up to TyreOps

Select your TyreOps modules and set up your account.


Step 2.

Prepare Your Data

Prepare your customer and vehicle data in any Excel spreadsheet for upload.


Step 3.

Import into TyreOps

Import your customer and vehicle data and use instantly.

Best Value For Money

TyreOps’ pricing is completely flexible to attend to any company size and offers the best value for money in the market.

“Whilst I’ve used other systems in the market, TyreOps stands out for delivering something of this age that anyone can afford, while still being the best price in the market. Truly recommend it and have complete trust in the team.” 

Mark Hudson – Director, Potteries Tyres

“Though there are systems out there that have been around for years, they haven’t changed much. TyreOps for me is just a lot more accessible and easy to use. It’s built for this era, for the phones and tablets we already use in our tyre operations today.”

Craig Fuller – Director, Fuller Tyres

Your Whole Tyre Business On One System

TyreOps offers a whole industry solution, with a user-friendly, adaptable & smart system that you can access from anywhere and from any device.

Save Over 60% of Your Time

TyreOps modules sync with one another so you avoid double entry, get more information for better reporting and control your business from one system.

“Since we switched to TyreOps, we’ve seen a huge leap forward to providing our customers with the best service in the market. We’ve saved more than half the time spent processing jobs and inspections, and put more time into winning new business because of it.”

Tom Smythe – Manager, CCTyres

More reasons to switch

Choose the Modules You Want

Whether you want Jobs, Inspections, Stock Control & Accountancy or all of them, you can pick and choose only the modules you need for your business, and only invest in the features that help you.

Available on Apple & Google App Stores

Have the freedom to work from any device you choose with the TyreOps app and start receiving, working and sending jobs, inspections, stock checks, accountancy and more wherever you are.

Synchronise with Tyre Businesses

Avoid using multiple systems by connecting with tyre service, manufacturing and management companies. Synchronise jobs, inspections, stock and invoices seamlessly without double entry.

Account Package Connectivity

Import Sales & Expenses straight into your Xerox, Sage, Kashflow, and Quickbooks account so you and your accountant can manage your books with full accuracy, speed and control.


Our resourceful, industry experienced and tech savvy team share the same ambition of innovating the Tyre Industry and supporting tyre businesses to work at their very best. With our deep understanding of the tyre industry, advanced technological capabilities, and cloud based architecture, we’ve managed to create a web & app based system that is flexible, robust and responsive.

We have designed our system and each feature based on the feedback we received from people in the tyre service, management and wholesale companies. And it doesn’t stop here: we want to continuously evolve TyreOps to better serve tyre businesses, allowing you to spend more time on the things that matter. We value our customers’ feedback to make TyreOps the best performing, most user-friendly and environmentally friendly solution in the market.

Don’t take our word for it, listen to our customers.

We have customers UK-wide already using TyreOps and taking advantage of our industry-leading technology. These are just some of the great companies we’ve been working with and ensuring TyreOps is built with our users at the very heart.

Frequently asked questions

Is there any additional cost for updates/add-on features?

All updates made to TyreOps modules are completely free and included in the price of any subscription. Meaning that you don’t need to pay for add-ons and can even make feature requests, helping us continuously improve the system.

Can I cancel at anytime? And is there a cancellation fee?

TyreOps does not bind you for a fixed term, we work on a monthly subscription model. So you can cancel at anytime at no additional cost, and your subscription lasts until the end of the paid period.

Does TyreOps replace my current Accountancy Package (such as Quickbooks or Sage)?

TyreOps does not replace any accountancy software. Our TyreOps accountancy module syncs your jobs, invoices and expenses with your accountancy package. This means you can still keep the same accounting software currently used by your accountants to run Payroll, VAT Returns, and HMRC connections whilst having accurate and industry compliant accounting front-end to manage invoices and expenses from your tyre technicians, service provider network, and customers.

I’m concerned about the privacy of my data and that of customers’. What do you do to protect my information?

When you sign up for TyreOps, you will need to agree to Our Terms & Conditions, which have a Non-Disclosure Clause. We also embedded strong security protocols to ensure your data is protected online at the highest safety and protection standards. Following these principles, our Tyre Network feature only allows your service partners to see information and perform work related to what you assign them to.

What are the payment options?

When you sign up for TyreOps, a Direct Debit will be set up and all monthly invoices will be automatically sent to the account holder email address.

Can I import my current data into TyreOps?

Yes! You can either do this manually or through our importer feature, where you can take your current data available on Excel and  simply import it straight into your TyreOps account in a matter of minutes.

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