TyreOps Answers The Call To Fleet Customers

How TyreOps answers the call for your Commercial & Specialty Fleet customers

TyreOps is the first of its kind in providing an all-in-one solution for tyre service, management and wholesale companies. You might still be thinking though “how is it different from what’s out there in the market?”. That’s why we summarised our key features below, which were built in collaboration with tyre businesses who pointed out to us their day to day needs and where the current technology available in the market wasn’t all that helpful.

  1. Customer Online Access

When you set up a customer on TyreOps you can also set them up a login to access via desktop, tablet or mobile so they can see in all those devices:

  • Dashboard – The opening page when you log in is a dashboard showing an overview of your customers’ fleet, including the number of jobs carried out the last 30 days, the number of inspections carried out over a rolling 12-month period, and the number of tyres they currently have in ‘customer owned stock’.
  • Jobs – Customers now, for the first time in any system, have access to see ALL closed jobs carried out on their fleet. Customers can easily find the job details they’re looking for, be it on a commercial or specialty vehicle.
  • Inspections – Our inspections module now has improved features such as viewing ongoing inspections with a click, view defects identified and vehicles that have been inspected but are not on the fleet list. These features give your customers the ability to view and download inspections on specific dates, action on defects faster, and let you know whether vehicles are theirs or not.
  • Reports – This feature allows your customers to access a wide range of reports, tailored to the level of detail needed. From work analysis to inspection capture rates, your customers can easily download reports to serve their fleets in the best possible way.
  1. Automated Reporting

If your customer doesn’t have the time to access the system frequently, then our Automated Reporting feature will help. You can set reports to be sent via email to your customers for specific dates automatically. We’ve also given the user the option to send the inspection report straight to the customer upon completion of a fleet inspection, saving time for both of you.


  1. Easily set Commercial & Specialty fleets separately for a better overview

When setting your customers vehicles, you have complete flexibility to create multiple fleets and locations under one customer. This gives TyreOps users an additional layer for organising customer vehicles so they can review, discuss, and action much quicker than if they had different types of vehicles mixed together.


Offering your customers one system to manage their entire fleet is a huge plus as it means they only need to deal with one tyre company – your company. With the increased data and better visibility provided by the TyreOps system, you and your customers can make better decisions to improve fleet performance, operation and tyre performances, and most importantly, retain and build on customer relationships by utilising reliable, detailed and measurable data. I’m sure your customers will be happy with TyreOps!


About Joe

Director, System Designer & Content Writer at TyreOps. Formerly a system designer at a major tyre manufacturer headquartered in the UK, forever ambitious for his own good, and always pushing initiatives forward.


Joe has spent 10+ years in the tyre industry where he led the charge in technological innovation in tyre operations. In 2018, after years believing those tech challenges would be easily solved by big software companies, he decided to embark in a mission to develop software that is designed for the tyre industry and its particular needs. He and his team threw themselves into research and design tests to help all people in tyre businesses operate efficiently.


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