TyreOps develops Tyre Age functionality designed to support users and fleet operators’ O Licenses through the new UK legislation.

As of 1st February 2021, all tyres aged 10 years and older will be banned on the front axle of trucks, buses, and minibuses. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) will now be enforcing this legislation across the automotive and logistics sector, holding tyre and fleet businesses responsible for tyres that don’t meet the legal requirement.  

After years of work, the UK government has enforced a major new action in road safety conduct. The Department for Transport (DfT) added that all drivers and fleet operators are responsible for ensuring that tyres are less than 10 years old. This means if you run a tyre business or logistical fleet you have to record and report on the tyre age and fitment date as evidence.

What has TyreOps done to help Tyre and Fleet Businesses comply?

TyresOps has introduced a new feature allowing users to record the tyres’ manufacturing and fitting date. This functionality further enhances TyreOps’ proactive tyre management, service and wholesale objectives. This means:

  • Tyre Technicians can record the Tyre Age on jobs and inspections.
  • Tyre Businesses and Fleet Customers are notified when tyres are approaching or pushing over the age limit.
  • Users can run reports and enforce KPI’s to track tyre age on all tyres instead of specified positions and vehicles.
  • Fleet customers are compliant during a vehicles MOT.

The update will allow tyre businesses to enforce the new legislation without any disruption, will ensure retail and fleet customers are compliant, and most importantly, will keep all vehicles safely in line with the new regulations. Committing ourselves to devising and implementing solutions so quickly and effectively, this process allows us to continue to give our customers the best and most cost-effective experience without any disruption, which is invaluable.


As part of the enforcement, the DVSA will now consider tyre age checks as part of their routine roadside enforcement activities, to ensure tyres across all vehicles are legal. On top of this, checking the age of tyres will continue to be a vital part of a standard MOT test. Police and Traffic Commissions will also play their part in enforcing the new law in their day to day work, with any failure to comply leaving fleet operators at risk of losing their operating license.

In response to the new regulations, Roads Minister Baroness Vere was reported as stating that the rules should “give confidence” to drivers everywhere. She added that the government was “wholeheartedly committed to improving road safety” and that “making sure a vehicle’s tyres are fit for the road is a crucial part of this”.

Baroness Vere went on to say how the regulations were designed to give confidence to companies but also to the drivers and passengers themselves. This gives the public the peace of mind that the vehicle they are driving in is safe for the road.

Why now?

The change in law has come about as a response to an investigation carried out by the Department for Transport, indicating the link between ageing tyres and vehicle failures. The Tyred campaign played a big part in bringing this change about, led by Frances Molly whose own son Michael was killed in a coach crash as a result of ageing and unsafe tyres. Prior to the law coming into force, a loophole had allowed tyres older than 10 years to be driven on the road provided they had been re-treaded. This has now been scrapped as part of the 2021 initiative.

To put it into practice, these changes, implemented from 1st February 2021, mean that it is now illegal to fit any tyre aged 10 years or older to:

  • The front axle of goods vehicle with a maximum gross weight exceeding 3,500kg
  • The front axle of a bus or coach – including minibuses
  • The rear axle of a minibus with single rear wheels fitted

Tyres which don’t clearly display a date code will automatically fail an MOT and could face prohibition from the DVSA.

So, now that you understand what the new laws state, and what you need to do, how do you make this new tool from TyreOps work for you and your company?

If you want to take advantage of the new tool using TyreOps, you can try out our all-encompassing tyre business software for free today with our 1 month free trial  by signing up here.

For more information on TyreOps, visit www.tyreops.co.uk, or contact us directly for a demo at [email protected]

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You can follow TyreOps on LinkedIn by clicking here

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