TyreOps launches as a game changer for Tyre Service, Management & Wholesale Companies

New tech converges tyre service, management and wholesale systems into one.

Today marks the official launch of TyreOps, a single web & app based Tyre Service, Management & Wholesale System for Retail Customers, Commercial Fleets & Specialty Vehicles. TyreOps offers a new way for tyre businesses to manage and action all aspects of tyre operations significantly reducing double entry of data by connecting with other businesses utilizing TyreOps and manufacturers’ systems to allow a single work system, eliminating the need to use paper for keeping records of all business activities, and being accessible on any device with complete user flexibility.

“I am extremely happy that we’ve created a system from the perspective of the tyre businesses that will digitally transform the industry, touching issues that have been unresolved for over a decade”, says Joe Stapleton, Director at TyreOps. “I’m proud to say we have built a system using both our expertise of 10 years in the industry and iterations with both independents and major players, on everything they required in a system and add our own creativity to streamline tyre processes”.

Some of the key complaints consistently voiced from tyre service companies, wholesalers and tyre management businesses were having to use multiple systems as one system doesn’t cover an entire tyre business operation, extremely costly, and are built rigidly and on old code which causes various bugs and limitations to end users. Because of this feedback, the main Features and benefits of TyreOps include:

  • Selecting between four simple, yet powerful modules; Jobs, Inspections, Stock Control & Casing Returns, and Accountancy, and have them communicate with one another under a single system
  • Significantly reduce admin time and save costs with the Tyre Network feature, which allows tyre businesses to sync Jobs, Inspections and Stock data with service providers using TyreOps or connect to third party software
  • Manage Retail, Commercial & Contract customer with complete flexibility and powerful management tools.
  • Work, inspect & stock Car, Van, Truck & Bus, Solid, Pneumatic, Press On Bands, Earthmover, Port & Straddle and Agricultural Tyres.

TyreOps beta program is live and fully available for purchase, and the app will be live from June 2020. For more information on TyreOps, visit www.tyreops.com, or contact Joe Stapleton directly for a demo.

About Jordan

Director, Operations & Content Writer at TyreOps. Specialises in web design, digital marketing and software development, including projects within the tyre and logistics industries. Finding creative ways to developing digital tools and obsessed with seeing business growth in clients.

Jordan has spent 10+ years building his business portfolio in web design, digital marketing and software development. In this, he’s had built web based systems for well renowned fleet and tyre businesses, including a major tyre manufacturer based in the UK.  In 2018, he got a phone call from TyreOps Director Joe Stapleton wanting to build a system for the tyre industry that has been long overdue. Jordan decided to join Joe on this new venture in developing a tyre system which would give tyre businesses a solution built on modern day technology. With a strong team behind them, they began building.

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